Our history begins this way…

Topazio was born in the Vicenzas goldsmith industry in January 1973 when Maurizio Guerra decided to close down his previous artisanal activity while his wife Giovanna gave up her job in the goldsmith laboratory of her father.
Dedication and creativity perfectly summarize the first years of what was Topazio Bijouxand with the logo 702 VI the Guerra spouses produced items and jewels following the trends of the 70s.

Medals and pendants in gold and silver: our specialty

In the early 80s the meeting with some north-European wholesalers marked a turning point in Topazios production. In a few years, they specialized themselves in the production of medals and pendants in both gold and silver: cut, stamped, fused; polished, satin or sandblasted; religious medals but, mostly, medals for engravings. 

New evolutions: laser and pantograph engravings

In the 90s the catalogue with Topazios proposals was enriched with medals, hearts and pendants which were diamond cut, engraved with either laser or pantograph: a lot of new products that allowed the company to expand its reference markets and acquire new customers.

CNC machine work: the innovation comes

An important turning point for Topazio happened in 2000: the company moved to the new venue while Marco and Matteo helped their mother Giovanna to run the family business after the premature disappearance of their father Maurizio. New technologies flank the traditional production: CNC machines that make Topazios proposals more versatile and that allow the company to personalize the items under specific customersrequests.

Who are we today

Today Topazio is a company mostly specialized in the craftsmanship on polished, satin, diamond cut and engraved sheet (also on sheets o important thicknesses) while keeping the union between tradition and innovation and while it keeps guaranteeing high qualitative standards of its products and services.
As well as always proposing new lines of jewels for its clientele, Topazio provides its competencies in the craftsmanship of sheets for third parties such as important companies in the jewellery sector, in the fashion one including fashion accessories.

Topazio - Polato Giovanna

Polato Giovanna

Founder and owner

Marco Guerra

Technological development and development of new products lines
Relations with customers

Topazio - Guerra Matteo

Matteo Guerra

Production menagement and relations with suppliers


In Topazio’s 45 years of history, the hinge points of its mission have always been:

100% Made in Topazio:
design, prototyping, fusion of metals, realisation and finishing of the jewels
(certificate “traceability & fashion” from the chamber of commerce
that qualifies its products as 100% Made in Italy – license AGR0109A)

High quality of its products and of the customer service

Flexibility in its production batches and in the realization of jewels, also under specific designs of its customers

Experience and technology for a high quality supplying service

Continuous research, experimenting and technological innovation, but also great attention to the craftsmanship of traditional goldsmith’s